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Actually, you’re very fussy indeed

We’ve got mates who claim not to care about beer — who swear blind that they really have no interest whatsoever in what they’re drinking, as long as it gets them tipsy.

“Great,” we are fooled into saying, “then let’s go to this pub where they have interesting beer.”

They look anxiously up and down the bar. “I don’t recognise any of these and I don’t like bitter. Is there a normal lager?”

“Try this one.”

“It’s a bit strong.”

“Okay, well… what about this one?”

“Mmm. I don’t care, I’m not fussed about beer, really. Just choose me something.”

Then, for the next half and hour, they eye the glass in front of them as if it’s got a turd floating in it.

When it’s time for the second round, you ask what they want. “I don’t mind. Not that one again, though.”

At the end of the night, only half-joking, they say: “Next time, can we go to a normal pub?”

There’s nothing wrong with liking what you like, but don’t kid yourself that we’re the fussy ones.

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There’s nowt worse than someone nervously eyeing a beer, especially if you chose it.

However what about when you choose a beer that you realise is off but they don’t want to “cause a problem” and take it back? You take a swig of vinegar, pull a face, ask for agreement and they say its OK – when you return from the bar with something drinkable they look at you like you’re a turd in their beer….

And the “it’s a bit strong” is about a 4% beer when they normally drink a 5% lager.

Here, I’m always quite adamant in my assertion that most US “beer drinkers” drink alcohol not beer. Otherwise they’d have no part of of that watery tasteless swill they’ve been duped into to believing is beer.

But it looks like you guys have some as well.

I’d suggest tha tthey could try some 2% “drinking” beer people used to get by on way back when to avoid bad water. But then that was made with malts darker than what they’re used to, since most of their so called “beer” is corn and rice. heh

Often you get the impression that such people have a preference for drinking advertised & known brands. As such they don’t always like it if they are in somewhere like the Sheffield Tap where they won’t know any of the beers on sale.

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