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Five years, a thousand posts

So, there you go, we’ve kept this up for five years. Blimey, eh?

Of the thousand posts we’ve written, these are some of our favourites; and you can find an index of our Memorable Beers posts below.

Thanks to everyone who’s encouraged us and especially to those who’ve commented over the years.

Now we’re going to have  celebratory cup of tea and take May a little easier than we did April.

#1 Goose Island IPA
#2 Berliner Weisse
#3 Cotleigh Near a Shipwreck
#4 New Cross Lock-in
#5 Hasselbacher Pils
#6 Guinness FES
#7 Like, really cheap and really strong!
#8 World Cup 2006
#9 First Decent Homebrew
#10 A Sobering Pint
#11 Pale Ale for POWs
#12 Birthday Sophistication
#13 And Back to Lager
#14 Guinness With Nick

10 replies on “Five years, a thousand posts”

Congratulations! I just peeked over 8,000 posts between the two blogs after nine years. Unlike you, however, I have no self evident claim to standards of quality through time. I wish I could time line it all somehow, trace my limitations and contradictions. One thing beery I realized I have witnessed early on was the collapse of maltiness as a primary element. Any thoughts on patterns you have recorded over time even if not intentionally?

For the first year or two, we hadn’t worked out the technology or the ‘corporate voice’. Lots of those posts begin “I” but, in most cases, we can’t remember which of us wrote it. Sloppy.

We’ve become warier about saying certain naive things that will prompt storms of irritated comments, but also become more confident in stating our views in other areas, and using the language we want to.

We’ve all but given up on reviewing beer and have settled into our ‘pondering’ niche.

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