Memorable Beers #1: Goose Island IPA

We first tried Goose Island IPA in the Rake, prob­a­bly around Christ­mas of 2006.

We nev­er spend Christ­mas togeth­er but have always com­pen­sat­ed with a sort of ‘office Christ­mas do’ a week or so before. When we lived in Lon­don, that usu­al­ly meant tak­ing a day off work, Christ­mas shop­ping for as long as we could bear it, and then chas­ing beer from mid­day onwards.

Bor­ough Mar­ket is like the set of a Dick­ens adap­ta­tion at Christ­mas: roast­ing chest­nuts, car­ols and mulled wine on the air. Expen­sive apples.

Were we just in a ‘peace on Earth and good­will to all beers’ kind of mood, or was drink­ing that IPA real­ly like tast­ing in Tech­ni­col­or? We said wow a lot and mar­velled at its slight haze. We may even have gig­gled with excite­ment. We declared it our favourite beer for some time there­after.

These days, though we still enjoy it, we find GI IPA mut­ed and too full of crys­tal malt – not Seville orange mar­malade so much as sea­side fudge.

If we write anoth­er fifty or so posts in the next twen­ty-five days, we’ll hit 1000 by the time we hit our fifth anniver­sary of blog­ging; as that date approach­es, we are also feel­ing nos­tal­gic. Hence this series. Yeah, we like round num­bers – sue us.

6 thoughts on “Memorable Beers #1: Goose Island IPA

  1. I was in Chica­go back in Novem­ber vis­it­ing friends and drank a shed load of GI Honkers, made for a decent ses­sion beer.

  2. …not Seville orange mar­malade so much as sea­side fudge…” Excel­lent pin­point­ing of the con­di­tion. Do they sit around the brew­ery tea room say­ing “it’s time to get rid of the mar­malade” so save mon­ey?

  3. Alan – we thought it was us rather than the beer, but you might know oth­er­wise..?

    Maxwell – not a beer it’s real­ly worth drink­ing in the UK, though – we’ve kind of got the hang of bitter/best bitter/ESB, haven’t we?

  4. I only dis­cov­ered this last year and, while I’m sor­ry to miss it’s hey­day, I use it as a ‘go to’ beer now and try and always have a bot­tle in the fridge.

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