Memorable Beers #2: Weisse in Berlin

Berliner Weisse

In 2002, or there­abouts, we flew to Berlin from Lon­don City Air­port in a shaky, pro­pel­lor-dri­ven plane which left us need­ing a drink at the oth­er end.

We’d heard that beer was quite the thing in Ger­many (who knew?) and our Lone­ly Plan­et guide­book told us that Berlin­er Weisse was the local spe­cial­i­ty. We spent ages look­ing for some­where adver­tis­ing its avail­abil­i­ty and even­tu­al­ly end­ed up in a kosher-style restau­rant near the New Syn­a­gogue. A few words of Ger­man and dopey smiles got us two chal­ices of bright green, cloudy liq­uid which looked as if it ought to be bub­bling and smok­ing in a Vis­ar­i­an lab­o­ra­to­ry.

We did­n’t much enjoy the beer, but it was cer­tain­ly a change from the Fos­ter’s and John Smith’s Extra Smooth we were used to drink­ing at home. We did­n’t realise it then, but we’d tak­en an ear­ly step towards becom­ing beer geeks.

One thought on “Memorable Beers #2: Weisse in Berlin”

  1. I remem­ber when in 89 and in ear­ly 90’s we was rou­tine­ly vis­it­ing West Berlin, twice a month or so. My friends was there for shop­ping, but for me it was an oppor­tu­ni­ty to drink Schultheiss Weisse (now Berlin­er Kindl). I tried all of them but the only one that made me smile was “ohne Schuss” (with­out any syrup). It was over­ly sour, but very refresh­ing. It was noth­ing of “beer geek­ery”, just unique beer that you can­n’t have any­where else, like Grodziskie/Gratzer these days in Poland, but now real Grodziskie is extinct and all i can have is mem­o­ries.

    Oh, God, i am that old. This, and last gig of Sepul­tura in Brix­ton, remind me of my age.

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