Memorable Beers #2: Weisse in Berlin

Berliner Weisse

In 2002, or thereabouts, we flew to Berlin from London City Airport in a shaky, propellor-driven plane which left us needing a drink at the other end.

We’d heard that beer was quite the thing in Germany (who knew?) and our Lonely Planet guidebook told us that Berliner Weisse was the local speciality. We spent ages looking for somewhere advertising its availability and eventually ended up in a kosher-style restaurant near the New Synagogue. A few words of German and dopey smiles got us two chalices of bright green, cloudy liquid which looked as if it ought to be bubbling and smoking in a Visarian laboratory.

We didn’t much enjoy the beer, but it was certainly a change from the Foster’s and John Smith’s Extra Smooth we were used to drinking at home. We didn’t realise it then, but we’d taken an early step towards becoming beer geeks.

One thought on “Memorable Beers #2: Weisse in Berlin”

  1. I remember when in 89 and in early 90’s we was routinely visiting West Berlin, twice a month or so. My friends was there for shopping, but for me it was an opportunity to drink Schultheiss Weisse (now Berliner Kindl). I tried all of them but the only one that made me smile was “ohne Schuss” (without any syrup). It was overly sour, but very refreshing. It was nothing of “beer geekery”, just unique beer that you cann’t have anywhere else, like Grodziskie/Gratzer these days in Poland, but now real Grodziskie is extinct and all i can have is memories.

    Oh, God, i am that old. This, and last gig of Sepultura in Brixton, remind me of my age.

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