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Orwell’s Beer Blog

Snippet from Orwell's beer blog.

George Orwell was clearly preoccupied with beer and pubs: the subject comes up in frequently in his writing on all kinds of topics.

We’ve blogged about bits and pieces before but, when Alan ‘Good Beer Blog’ McLeod posted this and Nick ‘Beerprole’ Mitchell said this on Twitter, it gave us an idea and so…

Here’s Orwell’s beer blog.

Quite convincing, we think, even down to the stupid blogger pseudonym.

Let us know if you’ve spotted any other suitable ‘posts’ and we’ll add them. (Thanks, Dave!)

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(Although we try not to pay too much attention to Ebuzzing/Wikio on the basis that (a) they specialise in ‘seeding branded content’ (shudder) and (b) we’ll only be setting ourselves up for heartache when we slip down again.)

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