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A few more long articles on beer to read later

The ten links we posted a couple of weeks ago prompted a few suggestions from others on long articles worth saving with Pocket or Instapaper to read later; we also spotted a couple ourselves.

  1. Seven abandoned breweries open for exploration — with great pictures for the less adventurous. (Via Alessio Leone.)
  2. Pilsner Urquell: An Old Czech Fairy Tale by Des de Moor.
  3. Northern Renaissance: a new generation of Belgian brewers by Betsy Andrews for Saveur. (Via Stan Hieronymus.)
  4. A  San Diego brewery’s hidden artwork, parts one and two by Kelly Bennett and Angela Carone for San Diego Voice. (Via Alessio Leone.)
  5. Black Metal Troy or, How to Drink Online by Robert Moor for the Brookyln Rail. (“Before Bruz, the world of online drinking had mostly been populated by wussies sipping imported shit and using words like “session beer” and “mouth feel” and “Belgium.”)
  6. Guinness Myths and Scandals by Martyn Cornell.


Must-reads around the blogoshire

  1. Ron Pattinson’s accounts of his search for Zoigl are as near to a trip to Franconia as we’re going to get this year. Great photos, too. Parts one | two | three | four | five.
  2. On a similar note, we enjoyed this post from Pivni Filosof about dropping into a homely Czech pub.
  3. Simon Johnson’s post on 28 days without beer is interesting, as ever, but it’s the idea of the ‘hard reset’ of the palate we’ll be stealing.
  4. Kristy McCready continues to give away top-notch PR advice to organisations (including breweries) willing to listen. Here she is on how (not) to use Twitter and here on making the most of Facebook.
  5. Sid Boggle, who we wish would post more often (no pressure) gives another angle on the experience of visiting a Brewdog bar. We especially liked his description of falling into conversation with someone still in the first throes of passion for craft beer: “he was enthusiastic as a kid about what he was discovering”.
  6. The Beer Prole’s piece on the culture of rounds in British pubs was a great read. The etiquette differs from region to region, country to country, generation to generation.

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Aww, you kids… I’m very out of touch at a time when London is erupting with interesting beer. Real life intrudes at times, but I’m aiming to be a bit more prolific though. Thanks for the kiss… 😉

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