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Two Cornish Sports Day Beers

We’d like to have been at the meeting at St Austell where they brainstormed legal names for a beer to tie into the, er, imminent, um… seasonal sporting event. They settled eventually on the suitably tangential ‘Podium’. This is yet another pale-and-hoppy but, at only 4%, is a much lighter-bodied, drily bitter beer than the same brewery’s Proper Job. Another beer we’d be delighted to see available all year round.

Spingo Ales at Helston have not beaten around the bush: in typically Cornish anti-authority style, they’ve called theirs Olympic. Bold as brass. It’s an interesting beer: golden, yes, but also made with smoked malt for a whiff of the Olympic flame. Now that’s an interesting approach to a seasonal tie-in.

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My imaginary brewery would have produced “Higgs’ Boson” … a reminder of scientific discovery that could have been made in this country if we hadn’t chosen to waste our billions on javelin throwing instead.

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