When the Rain Comes

let it rain

We’ve had a spot of rain in Penzance this week — just a bit, mind, and it’s been glorious today, as it was on Tuesday. Still, it was enough to cause some tourists a bit of a dilemma: when you can’t go for coastal walks, or sit on the beach, or visit the open-air Minack Theatre, what do you do in the evening?

When an American couple, wrapped in anoraks and shivering, asked us this on Wednesday night as the wind howled up Morrab Road from the promenade, we instinctively started recommending pubs.

“Oh, we don’t really drink so much,” they said.

That had us stumped.

On a rainy night in a British provincial town in Britain, you go to the pub. That is the option, unless you want to sit in your hotel room watching repeats of Poirot, or wandering around the twenty-four hour Tesco on the industrial estate.

We’ve been to the Dock Inn two nights in a row this week: a cosy pub only gets cosier when the weather’s bad.

On arriving in Cornwall we were taken to one side by black-suited agents of the local tourist board and forced to sign an agreement not to mention the weather on the blog. If you don’t hear from us again, that’s why.

Picture by Patrick Svensson from Flickr Creative Commons.

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Americans do not have pubs, only bars, which are totally different. So unless they’ve been abroad (with an open mind), they don’t have a clue about pubs. Even neighborhood bars in the US are not the same as pubs.

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