Why Guess if it’s Craft?

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If you follow us on Twitter, you might have seen this before. If so, think of this as one of thos US sitcom episodes which just turns out to be edited from the previous 75, intercut with clips of characters saying: “Hey, and remember the time when…?”

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I thought up something a little similar; it’s a watch for Brewdog to use. Every time they come up with an idea, they can ask the watch “is this punk or not?” with a little needle which will probably point to the ‘no’ side more than it does to the ‘yes’ side…

Considering that the original (1976-7) punks didn’t even drink beer, and late 70s/early 80s punks mainly drank snakebite, and that the entire ethos of punk at any period was rigidly opposed to making money (except in the form of stunts that ripped off big business)… ugh. Some punks.

The entire ethos of punk was the ability to do it for yourselves. Record labels,fanzines,fashion and promoters began to emerge. In some ways punks can do attitude fitted very well with Thatcherite Britain.

It was certainly about doing it yourself, but it wasn’t about making money – the point was to make the record or the zine & get it out there. It was all about communicating – forming a band and saying what you had to say. It was certainly nothing to do with producing the best or the highest-quality or the most original stuff – that’s much more a prog rock attitude.

Ron – yeah, I know; I remember the 1977 end-of-year review issue of Sounds, which effectively said “so punk’s over, what now?” But fast forward a few years and there are all these kids with mohicans and Discharge t-shirts hanging around (and drinking snakebite), and they certainly think they’re punks.

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