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BBC test card.

We’re having a couple of days off blogging because of annoying real life deadlines and commitments so, in the meantime, here are a few things you might have missed from the last month or two.

CAMRA et al


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7 replies on “Previously on Boak and Bailey’s Beer Blog”

Actually, BN, that’s Boak (left) and Bailey (right) in the picture at the top. Bailey is wearing the clown make-up because he is really Simon “Reluctant Scooper” Johnson in another of his many pseudonyms (which include Cooking Lager, Tandleman, Adrian Tierney-Jones and Pete Brown). Boak is demonstrating her prowess as an Olympic-standard nillicruxalist.

I love the look on the girl’s face like “I got you now, you bastard puppet, ’cause X’s and O’s is where I live” not realizing she is talking to a puppet. Is Boak like that?

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