Golden Pint ’76 Awards

Golden Pints 76

Yes­ter­day, we offered our two pen­n’orth on 2012, but that got us think­ing about how, with infla­tion in mind, the Gold­en Pint Awards might have looked sev­er­al decades ago, just as the real ale craze was kick­ing off. With thanks to Barm aka @robsterowski for unearthing the orig­i­nal logo, here are some extracts from Boak and Bai­ley’s Beer Newslet­ter, Decem­ber 1976, scanned from the tat­tered copy kept in a shoe­box in the attic.

Scan of text from the December 1976 Boak and Bailey beer newsletter.

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  1. How strange that you’ll find today’s hip­sters drink­ing from dim­pled glass­es just like the one above, as they adjust their man­buns.

    I was speak­ing to a guy who is now one of Hong Kong’s biggest inde­pen­dent beer importers yes­ter­day, who told me he got into “craft” beer in Wis­con­sin in the mid-1990s through drink­ing Old Peculi­er.

    Hol­sten was, indeed, actu­al­ly quite good (or at least not so bad), until the mar­ke­teers got hold of it in the UK and decid­ed to tweak it to make it more like Beck­’s, in an attempt to cap­ture some of Beck­’s sales. Of course, it failed to do that, and lost all the drinkers who liked it for what it had been …

    Richard Boston went on in 1977 to launch The Vole, a ‘Green’ mag­a­zine sad­ly about 20 years ahead of its time which last­ed just three years. Con­trib­u­tors includ­ed Ter­ry Jones – beery link, he helped fund the Pen­rhos brew­ery, one of Wales’s ear­ly micros – and Miles King­ton, who wrote a fan­tas­ti­cal­ly fun­ny col­umn in The Times and then the Inde­pen­dent, and whose father used to run the Bor­der brew­ery in Wrex­ham.

    1. When was Hol­sten changed? It’s one of the first beers I remem­ber actu­al­ly enjoy­ing the taste of, as an end-of-shift drink in the hotel where I worked as a teenag­er.

    2. Not just hip­sters drink­ing out of dim­pled glass­es Mar­tyn. If I catch a barper­son putting my pint in one, I’ll stop ’em and ask (like Michael Caine in ‘Get Carter’) for a thin glass

  2. Hol­sten was my tip­ple at the end of the 1970s and ear­ly 80s, could get 10 bot­tles down on a Fri­day night, no hang­over Sat am as I watched Sal­ly James on Tiswas with a full Eng­lish on my lap.

      1. Actu­al­ly, hav­ing fol­lowed the link, not that one, the type­writ­ter one… Would be ace for doing old style Ker­nel like labels!

  3. Wow what a trip down mem­o­ry lane. Hol­sten was indeed the drink of choice for many of us young dudes-all the sug­ar turns to alco­hol, don’t you know-but it was an acquired taste, as they say. Then they start­ed brew­ing it over here, putting it in cans, bring­ing out non-alco­hol ver­sions and the mag­ic fad­ed. Hap­py days, though.

    Brah­n­ms and Liszt? The one in Man­ches­ter? Now, you’re talk­ing.

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