Beerwolf Books, Falmouth

Beerwolf Books

We’d heard a few men­tions of Beer­wolf Books, which opened in Fal­mouth, Corn­wall, in the run up to Christ­mas, and had under­stood that it was either a book­shop with beer, or a pub with some books for sale. Either way, it sound­ed like some­thing dif­fer­ent, and so we made sure it was on our list of places to vis­it dur­ing a week­end away in the coastal town.

Even approach­ing Beer­wolf feels like you’ve stum­bled upon a secret: it’s up an easy-to-miss alley­way between chain stores, in a beau­ti­ful eigh­teenth cen­tu­ry build­ing on Bells Court. Through the red door, there’s a creak­ing wood­en stair­case and a view of shelves of books. So it is a book­shop. Then the smell of beer and the sound of chat­ter drift down. So it is a pub.

With deep red walls, dark wood, fur­ni­ture nei­ther too neat nor too tat­ty, and just enough day­light through small-paned win­dows, the pub part of Beer­wolf (the bit we were most inter­est­ed in) appealed imme­di­ate­ly. The book shop, off to one side, and with a place to rest your beer while you browse, sets the mood, pos­i­tive­ly invit­ing long read­ing or writ­ing ses­sions amid the buzz of con­ver­sa­tion.

The beer is good, too. Very good. Among five cask ales, none of them the usu­al sus­pects, were 80 Shilling from local brew­ery Rebel (grainy, dark and silky), Mar­ble Man­ches­ter Bit­ter (the kind of pale and hop­py beer that makes us con­sid­er a move up north some time) and our favourite Pen­zance Brew­ing Potion 9. In the fridges, a few Bel­gian stan­dards such as Kwak and Chi­may – not the stuff to excite hard­ened beer geeks, per­haps, but lit­tle seen in Corn­wall.

We set up camp for the after­noon, watch­ing and lis­ten­ing. What appeared to be a con­tin­gent of local CAMRA mem­bers staked out the bar and worked their way through the full range, mur­mur­ing their appre­ci­a­tion. Stu­dents came in pairs or gangs, buy­ing piles of books and lots of lager, tea and cof­fee. Mid­dle-aged cou­ples came for the books and stayed for a pint. A stag do came for pints and walked away with some books. “Wow!” said more than one per­son on reach­ing the top of the stair­case.

Strug­gling book and record shops: we urge you to find a strug­gling pub and pair up. Super­mar­kets, with their idea of offer­ing sev­er­al ser­vices on one premis­es, might just be on to some­thing.

8 thoughts on “Beerwolf Books, Falmouth”

    1. Laundromat/Pub sounds ide­al – walk in with dirty clothes, walk out pissed leav­ing your clothes there. It’s a short­cut to tram­p­hood! 😉

  1. Love it; beer and books: my idea of heav­en. I also rather like Fal­mouth as well, I feel an away day incom­ing as soon as I have come off the tread­mill of my cur­rent dead­lines.

  2. Hel­lo dudes

    Beer and books have also been on the menu at The Chapel Albion Street Broad­stairs Kent for a while now. This is anoth­er one of Kents microp­ubs. It was ‚and still is, the Albion Book­shop. 4 real ales on grav­i­ty from local brew­eries plus cider with pack­aged snacks.…what’s not too like there?

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