Inside pubs and breweries on Google Street View

Google Street View has been offering desk-bound tourists the chance to wander around their favourite cities for several years now, but, since 2011, has also begun to include panoramic tours of the interiors of selected businesses. A few pubs and breweries have already submitted to being photographed. Below are just a few that we’ve found.

1. The Dove (riverside pub), Hammersmith, London

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2. Fullers’ Griffin Brewery, Chiswick, London

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3. Ship and Whale, Surrey Quays, London

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4. The Marble Arch, Manchester

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5. UPDATED: George Inn, Southwark (thanks, Mike F!)

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If you’ve spotted other interesting pubs or breweries with ‘wanderable’ interiors, especially outside London, or in other countries, let us know. (They’re tricky to find — you have to zoom in quite close and then hover with the little yellow street view man until orange dots appear on the map: those are viewable interiors.)

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It really can. Also further afield, Hales Bar in Harrogate, which is gas lit and has a nice collection of brewery mirrors, if you like that can of thing (i am)

The Centurion on Newcastle station is also available, and has possibly the best tiles and ceiling of a station pub (this is merely an opinion and many station pubs may be better clad, i havn’t been to them all)

In Allston, MA there is Deep Ellum (Ron Pattinson has written about it… though as a place to drink now, not in some historical context):

Another Allston, MA establishment is Sunset Grill & Tap (if you want to see a place with a ton of brick a brack on the walls):

Wish there was an easier way to find the interior stuff.

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