We’ll Miss You, Simon

We were stunned and upset to hear the news of the death of Simon ‘Reluc­tant Scoop­er’ John­son.

We’ve been on hol­i­day this week but our ‘to do’ list for Mon­day morn­ing includ­ed this item: ‘Email Simon about a pint in Sheffield.’ We’re vis­it­ing what was one of his favourite pub-crawl­ing cities for research next month and thought that, final­ly, we might man­age to meet him. Now, it’s too late.

Every now and then, Simon would take a break from blog­ging and Tweet­ing, and the ensu­ing silence always served to remind us how much we enjoyed his jokes, astute obser­va­tions on beer, and sud­den out­bursts of cre­ative swear­ing.

It leaves us reel­ing to think that, this time, it’s not a sab­bat­i­cal – that he won’t be com­ing back in a month or two, twice as feisty (a favourite word of his) and ready to knock some heads togeth­er.

Sad as we feel, our thoughts must be with those who were lucky enough to know him in per­son, and with his wife in par­tic­u­lar.