We’ll Miss You, Simon

We were stunned and upset to hear the news of the death of Simon ‘Reluctant Scooper‘ Johnson.

We’ve been on holiday this week but our ‘to do’ list for Monday morning included this item: ‘Email Simon about a pint in Sheffield.’ We’re visiting what was one of his favourite pub-crawling cities for research next month and thought that, finally, we might manage to meet him. Now, it’s too late.

Every now and then, Simon would take a break from blogging and Tweeting, and the ensuing silence always served to remind us how much we enjoyed his jokes, astute observations on beer, and sudden outbursts of creative swearing.

It leaves us reeling to think that, this time, it’s not a sabbatical — that he won’t be coming back in a month or two, twice as feisty (a favourite word of his) and ready to knock some heads together.

Sad as we feel, our thoughts must be with those who were lucky enough to know him in person, and with his wife in particular.