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Crumbs from the Pork Scratchings Packet

This 1984 advert was part of a cross-industry campaign by family brewers which ran from the late sixties.

This is a lazy Sunday morning roundup of links to ‘long reads’, interesting nuggets in the blogoshire and other tasty crumbs of flavour-enhancer-coated pork rind.

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9 replies on “Crumbs from the Pork Scratchings Packet”

Quite an interesting article on drinking songs. He’s right about football songs, too. But it’s actually not that hard to hear seventeenth-century drinking songs in their natural habitat: e.g.

Phil — they took on the State Management brewery when the scheme was wound up.

Never heard of that before – there’s a story in itself. Incredible that it ran right from 1916 to 1973 (at least in Carlisle, Gretna and Cromarty, although a quick google doesn’t bring up much about the last of these).

Who were the 7?

Bass, Whitbread, Allied Lyons, Scottish and Newcastle, Courage… Guinness? …?

Guinness were sometimes included in a ‘Big Seven’, and the missing one is Whitbread.

That brewery sale mentions “possible visa issues”; I assumed that meant for the brewer (one of the US brewers who have set up?) rather than the over-capacity shake-out that may or may not be coming.

I don’t know my breweries well enough to figure out which one it is though – the size of kit should give it away, but I can’t off the top of my head think who has a 6BBL capacity.

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