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Let’s Go Long in September

1950 pub scene

On Monday 2 September, we’re going to post something a bit longer than usual — at the very least 1,500 words — and we’d love it if you, fellow bloggers and writers, did the same.

This isn’t one of those ‘Days’ (Beer Blogging & Writing Longer than Usual Post Day 2013! Woo!) and, whatever it is, we’re not in charge of it, so there’s no need to use a logo, or Twitter hashtag, or to link to us when you post. If you let us know about your post, though, and we enjoy reading it, we’ll link to you in a round-up piece later that same week. (It’ll be something like this.)

We don’t know exactly what we’re going to write yet, but it might be that piece on women in British brewing since 1963 we’ve had in mind for a while, or a history of the Blue Anchor pub and Spingo brewery at Helston, Cornwall.

If you feel like joining in, you might consider:

  • something about a pub or brewery in your area
  • a personal memoir
  • a revised and/or expanded version of something you’ve already published
  • something meandering and philosophical
  • or silly and funny.

(More inspiration here and here.)

Adrian Tierney-Jones has agreed to dig out something from his vast back catalogue and re-release it, perhaps remastered and with bonus tracks; and Leigh Linley has got in mind something about northern footballers and the pubs they owned, which we’re really looking forward to reading.

We’ll post a reminder about this towards the end of August but promise not to nag otherwise.

Yours with faint embarrassment,

Boak & Bailey

9 replies on “Let’s Go Long in September”

Looking forward to what comes of this. The northern footballer piece sounds strangely interesting (like american footballers who own steakhouses).

a revised and/or expanded version of something you’ve already published

Wondering about revisiting my Feb 2011 “Down with craft beer” series – not least because I’m not sure I still agree with them. My taste in beer has definitely changed – I noticed a reference to some beers being well-made but far too hoppy for me, and the example I gave was Jaipur!

Alan — easy to reproduce on the back of a denim jacket with Tippex.

Phil — ooh, interesting — a dialogue between 2013 Phil and 2011 Phil! Just don’t let him wind you up. We’ve been reading old tasting notes on the Oxford Bottled Beer Database and it’s fascinating to see comments from 2002 about how unbearably hoppy Goose Island IPA is, for example.

Justin — brilliant!

I am awfully tempted to participate… if I can think of an adequate topic.

“Go long” is quite apt, too, considering the NFL season starts 3 days later!

I’ve a couple of questions.

How words would I need to have to count as long? (I often go over 1,000 in posts.)
Do numbers count as words?

I do have a couple of things lying around that I could possibly use. Maybe even a chunk of my Big Book manuscript. A couple of the chapters are almost complete.

Go for it! 1500 words is only really the length of a few blog posts anyway, if you can find a meaty enough topic.

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