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Gallery: Old Inns of Old England (1906)

Ten illustrations from The Old Inns of Old England by Charles G. Harper (1906), via The Internet Archive, and tidied up a bit by us.

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they look good, nice app though some of the captions appear on top of the pictures (thus hard to read) on firefox

Spent my honeymoon at the Bear in Devizes, wife asleep while I watched MOTD and ordered room service 6X, nine years later I was back with the British Guild of Beer Writers on a brewery trip, fond memories. Think I have this book, somewhere.

the Bell in Woodbridge is certainly still there,and again looks identical from outside, helped no doubt as its grade I listed, but thesedays is called “Ye Old Bell and Steelyard” instead (the steelyard is the contraption hanging off the side of the building, basically a weighing machine)

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