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That Reminder We Promised

Screenshot: the word count of our draft article.

Fellow bloggers and writers: there is still time for you to ‘go long’ on 2 September!

On Monday, we’re posting something a bit longer than usual (1500 words +) on the subject of ‘Women in the World of Beer’.

A few other people, we understand, are planning to do the same, including Ron Pattinson, Leigh Linley and Adrian Tierney-Jones. (And maybe Alan McLeod and Stan Hieronymus, too?)

So, if you’re a blogger or writer; or a brewer or publican who writes, and feel like joining in, why not:

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece (ours isn’t, though we’re quite proud of the illustration) as long as its fun for you to write.

So, there you go. Reminder over. As you were. Move along.

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