Long Posts from around the Blogoshire

Illustration of a pub c.1955.

Several bloggers (and writers with blogs) have posted something a little longer than usual today –longreads, if you like.

We’ll try to keep this list updat­ed through­out the day.

Stan Hierony­mus has sug­gest­ed that we do this again next month, while Alan McLeod pro­pos­es a quar­ter­ly sched­ule. We’ll give it some thought and name a date.

6 thoughts on “Long Posts from around the Blogoshire”

  1. I’ll be hon­est. I was­n’t think­ing one bit about going long on my lat­est post enti­tled HALF LIFE which details my reac­tion to the sud­den death and clos­ing of my favourite bar in Mil­wau­kee, Wis­con­sin, The Port Of Ham­burg, where, as my wife point­ed out to me, I’ve spent half my life. But that’s what I did in 2800+ words..And here it is along with my usu­al takes on foot­ball and motor­sports: http://www.themagicworld.org/bloog/half-life/

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