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Long Posts from around the Blogoshire

Illustration of a pub c.1955.

Several bloggers (and writers with blogs) have posted something a little longer than usual today –longreads, if you like.

We’ll try to keep this list updated throughout the day.

Stan Hieronymus has suggested that we do this again next month, while Alan McLeod proposes a quarterly schedule. We’ll give it some thought and name a date.

6 replies on “Long Posts from around the Blogoshire”

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t thinking one bit about going long on my latest post entitled HALF LIFE which details my reaction to the sudden death and closing of my favourite bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Port Of Hamburg, where, as my wife pointed out to me, I’ve spent half my life. But that’s what I did in 2800+ words..And here it is along with my usual takes on football and motorsports:

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