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Around the Beery Blogoshire (November 2013)

What! No beer blogging?This post has been inspired by Pub Curmudgeon’s suggestion that beer blogging is a bit sluggish at the moment, its energy perhaps having been sapped by Twitter.

On the one hand, he’s right — some stalwarts have slowed down in recent months and certain topics seem to come up time and again, the same points being hammered home with nothing new being added. (Maybe we’ve been guilty of this ourselves.)

On the other, for each blog that peters out, a new one pops into existence, and we have certainly found plenty of interesting reading in the last few weeks.

This was just a quick round-up based on things we’ve bookmarked, shared and re-Tweeted. If you’ve spotted any other good reads (by other people, not yourself…) drop links below.

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