Beer and Doctor Who Matching

Beer Opener
Dalek bot­tle open­er. Source: James Bowe, via Flickr Cre­ative Com­mons.

If our Twitter timeline and blog roll are anything to go by, a Venn diagram of Whovians and beer geeks would feature two very nearly overlaid circles.

Though we are not seri­ous Doc­tor Who obses­sives, we are cer­tain­ly excit­ed about next weekend’s fifti­eth anniver­sary episode, and so here are a few sug­ges­tions for beers to drink while watch­ing The Day of the Doc­tor.

1. The essence of 1963

The year the Doc­tor first appeared on TV screens was also a big year for British beer:

Doc­tor Who, though, was born amid the pop­u­lar post-Sput­nik obses­sion with space trav­el and ‘the white heat of tech­nol­o­gy’, and, so per­haps ‘space age keg’ is the way to go?

Five litre mini-kegs from British brew­eries are gen­er­al­ly good val­ue and should help your Who-watch­ing par­ty go with a doo-weeeee-ooooooooooh!

2. Time travel

Fuller's Past Masters 1966 Strong Ale.There is an increas­ing range on the mar­ket of beers brewed to his­toric recipes, giv­ing your taste buds the chance to expe­ri­ence, for exam­ple, 1880, 1938 or 1966. (‘The Doc­tor? Some call him… the Past Mas­ter.’)

Drink­ing beer from the future is some­what more dif­fi­cult, though. You could expe­ri­ence the near future with a kvass (‘You Mani­acs! You brewed it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!’) or, in tra­di­tion­al sci-fi fash­ion, put blue food colour­ing in nor­mal beer and drink it from Tup­per­ware.

3. Regeneration

Per­haps this is just the spe­cial occa­sion to unearth your col­lec­tion of your favourite brewery’s vin­tage ales and do ‘a ver­ti­cal’? If you’ve got a Tom Bak­er-era Adnams’ Tal­ly Ho to com­pare to a mere David Ten­nant, then all the bet­ter.

4. Something bigger on the inside

Fol­low­ing on from an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion here about the appar­ent ‘big­ness’ of beer, and think­ing again of the TARDIS, what about drink­ing some­thing which is a small beer on paper and yet some­how hous­es near-infi­nite amounts of flavour? Some­thing like Mag­ic Rock Cir­cus of Sour (3.5%) might be a can­di­date, or maybe this sil­ly beer from Brew­dog? (We’ve nev­er tast­ed it.)

5. Specific beers for each doctor

There are (prob­a­bly) three actors play­ing The Doc­tor in next week’s episode, but you might want to warm up before the episode with some­thing that brings to mind Paul McGann (would one of these do the job?).

There is an obvi­ous choice from to rep­re­sent David Ten­nant – a cer­tain lager from his native Scot­land, with a name which is almost per­fect.

Matt Smith… well, he’s a right hip­ster, isn’t he? So per­haps one of trendy brew­ery Kernel’s his­toric beers which look young but are actu­al­ly very, very old?

John Hurt is still a mys­tery, but some­thing war-like and well-respect­ed. And from Der­byshire. Thorn­bridge Jaipur!

(And it might be a good idea to keep a bot­tle of Mar­ble Man­ches­ter Bit­ter on hand in case Christo­pher Eccle­ston does show up after all…)

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  1. Try­ing to dis­cov­er the Doctor’s own drink – think­ing gin­ger pop – but here is a handy guide to pubs that have appeared in the show.

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