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Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers, 2013

Beer at Christmas.

It’s around this time of year that we start getting lots of visits to the blog from anxious relatives looking for gift ideas for awkward beer-loving spouses, siblings and cousins.

So, with apologies for mentioning the other, other C-word in November, here’s our best attempt at a Christmas wish list for beer geeks.


The content from this post has been moved to a permanent page here. We try to update it once or twice a year with the most recent update anticipating Christmas 2015.

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How come your own book ain’t out in time to disappoint fathers & uncles hoping for socks, guys?

I’ve been amazed at how long the publishing process takes. The commercial one, I mean. Most of my “proper” book was finished 12 months before it will be published. Just as well it’s about the past.

Instant publishing is one of the great advances in civilisation. I’ve gone from concept to sale in less than a week.

Which reminds me. I’ve two books to finish by next Wednesday.

Hi Bloggers,

First of all, what a unique topic. It is indeed not easy to choose the best Christmas gifts. Last week I visited [LINK REMOVED BY SITE OWNERS] and found over 50 Belgian Christmas beers. Both a great assortment and shipping. Selected around 15 beers, got them home delivered and surprised my father.

Cheers to that.

Belgian Beer Enthousiast

How about a CAMRA memebership? Maybe a bit boring though?
I would be happy with pub vouchers or some of that soap made from beer, or perhaps any luxury food stuffs made with beer or hops etc.

I’ve had that key bottle opener for a few years now, and have given it as a gift once or twice. It’s always to hand and doesn’t catch in your pocket like some bottle openers. On a couple of occasions I’ve actually been asked if I went to Timpsons and asked them to cut me a key that would open a bottle! That would be crazy. Though one day I may have a lock made that fits the bottle opener key…

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