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The Month That Was: October 2013

A man and a woman drinking Whitbread Pale Ale, 1930s.

Here’s a summary of our nineteen blog posts from last month. (We’re going to try to round up like this every month from now on — good idea, or not?)

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Blogging about what you’ve blogged about. Hmm. Good idea or not? I’d have thought that question answers itself – I mean it does come aross as a bit self regarding don’t you think?

Have to say it does smack of modern TV documentaries -“here’s what we’re going to tell you”, “here it is”, “here’s what we’ve just told you”.

Thanks for feedback, chaps.

It was motivated by the fact that we’ve recently found interesting stuff through this kind of round-up on blogs (beer or otherwise) we follow only casually, and that led us to wonder whether those who (for whatever perverse reasons) don’t read this blog *every* day might find it useful.

We’ll wait for a few more votes before making a decision, but should we decide to continue with it, we’ll make sure it’s clearly labelled, and posted in the Saturday/Sunday morning doldrums so you can avoid it.

For what it’s worth I think it’s a really good idea. A lot of the time I don’t get a chance to read your posts on the day you write them, and despite good intentions I often forget to go back. This summary reminds me what I missed, and what I still need to catch up on. Cheers!

Summary would be even better if you included any pertinent comment/ other links generated as a result of the post, add something new to make the post worth reading as a stand alone

Good call, Steve. We’ll either add some links to this later if we get chance, or start doing so with next month’s round up.

That’s a very good idea from Steve. Utterly mystified by Alan’s rather gnomic comment.

When I see a ‘what we wrote about this past month’ sort of post I’ll usually skip ahead, even if I haven’t read everything. (As a regular blog reader, I crave the latest info.) However, if you keep it to quick blurb on the main page, I’ll likely click through, because now you’ve sparked my curiosity. (And put me in control.)


The Month That Was: October 2013
An anti-wish list for beer on TV. Wheat beer in Lindau. Room for more diversity in the UK beer market. (Etc.) Read more

This way, you make the past something that’s about to happen.

Hope that makes sense.

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