Gallery: Tiled Pub Frontages

A few photographs of tiled pub frontages we’ve collected over the years.

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I believe the Pev is one of the last surviving Wilson’s pubs with a yellow fireclay exterior. Quite often it’s the only thing you can enjoy about the place as its opening hours can be rather random.

Over on this side of the Pennines the Templar Hotel is a former Melbourne pub with green cladding, one of few that survive in the area. The Albion in Armley isn’t a pub any more but has been redeveloped with the red fireclay exterior intact:

Thanks for those links, chaps. The Street View image of the Albion is particulary evocative — like we’re about to walk through the door for a pint.

Given us an idea for a blog post, too.

Birkenhead has a number of pubs other than the Stork with tiled exteriors. Former Birkenhead Brewery, Threlfalls, Yates’s and Higsons houses. All either closed or lacking cask beer,

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