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Top Beer Tweets of 2013

These are some Tweets about beer we enjoyed in 2013.

1. Ed defines craft beer:

(He later expanded this thought in a blog post.)

2. Simon wins our nomination for Tweeter of the year:

3. Barm’s new style designation, London murky, is used in the wild:

4. Ron Pattinson finally arrives on Twitter:

5. Extreme tankard action from the late Simon H. Johnson:

6. @sauvin calls it:

7. Dominic from Thornbridge trolls beer history nerds:

8. Broughton Ales take this extreme beer thing too far:

9. The Beer Nut succinctly describes the typical craft beer bar:

10. Ol Fozard from Rooster’s sums up the appeal of Untappd for brewers:

11. Brewery Twitter accounts are speared by Nick Mitchell:

12. Though it turned into a boring running in-joke, Zak’s first Tweet was brilliant:

13. One of many proclamations from the Tao of Keeling:

14. And, finally, a brewing icon gets the recognition it deserves:

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Great post, I’m in the process of writing something twitter related and this is quite a refreshing view actually. Some funnies I remember, some witty but with a slightly sarcastic but nonetheless apt with Ol Fozzard & Nicki standing out. Enjoyable read

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