Two Beers from Weird Beard

Little Things That Kill beer bottle.

We read with interest the recipe for London brewery Weird Beard’s Little Things That Kill – a ‘violently hoppy little beer’ – in the recent Future Publishing home brewing bookazine.

As light­weights who can’t han­dle all that much booze but enjoy ‘big beers’, we imme­di­ate­ly liked the idea of a brew which sup­pos­ed­ly employs all the brewer’s arts to give a rel­a­tive­ly low-strength beer (4.5%) the flavour and aro­ma of some­thing much hefti­er.

So, last week, when we found a bot­tle in Truro’s new spe­cial­ist beer shop, the Red Ele­phant Beer Cel­lars, run by the folks behind Pen­pont Brew­ery, and snapped it up despite a some­what hefty price tag (about £3.50, we think, for 500ml).

The minute we popped the cus­tom-print­ed cap (a sort of zom­bie Indi­ana Jones with hops for eyes) a whiff of tinned peach syrup hit us. We strug­gled a lit­tle with the com­bi­na­tion of (appro­pri­ate­ly) high car­bon­a­tion and bot­tle-con­di­tion­ing, end­ing up with one very clean glass of pale gold, and one dis­tinct­ly yeast-hazy.

On tast­ing, it was imme­di­ate­ly obvi­ous that the high mash tem­per­a­ture and use of ‘cara’ malts had paid off: it did indeed have the tongue-coat­ing, dessert wine body of a 6 or 7 per cent beer.

The one-note peach­i­ness con­tin­ued through­out – pleas­ing enough, but hard­ly com­plex, and cer­tain­ly not all that vio­lent – but, after a few dud entries from oth­er brew­ers in our beer advent cal­en­dar, we wel­comed its clean­ness and qual­i­ty. LTTK, as we now know it, is a beer we could ses­sion on, should we ever find it on draught.

Its big brother, Marianas Trench, is a 5.3% ABV ‘transpacific pale ale’. In practice, that means it uses a mix of US and New Zealand hops.

Marianas Trench bottle.We got a whiff of some­thing net­tle-like and cat­ty on pour­ing and, in all hon­esty, did not enjoy the first few sips, in which a harsh, stewed-tea bit­ter­ness dom­i­nat­ed. There­after, it seemed to improve. We liked the mousse-like, creamy, chewy, almost milky tex­ture, and picked up some yeasty pep­per-spici­ness which added com­plex­i­ty. We did not get the big smack of trop­i­cal fruit we were hop­ing for, but there was a lit­tle some­thing like lemon-grass which hint­ed at the East.

On the basis of these two bot­tles and an aston­ish­ing­ly good kegged ‘Bel­gian IPA’ we enjoyed in Lon­don, we’re putting Weird Beard on the ‘con­tin­ue to buy’ list – only one step down from ‘trust­ed’ (Thorn­bridge, Fuller’s) and well clear of the dread­ed ‘avoid’.

3 thoughts on “Two Beers from Weird Beard”

  1. I had LTTK on keg in Bris­tol a month or so ago whilst watch­ing the England/NZ rug­by and dead good it was too, though that was V.3 which is the new­er 3.4% ver­sion, and frankly it’s a beer of the year con­tender, gor­geous­ly hop­py with the Nel­son Sauvin all over it and had it been less than damned near £5 a pint, a def­i­nite ses­sion­er- a brew­ery that cer­tain­ly knows what it’s doing.

  2. the new­er 3.4% ver­sion … had it been less than damned near £5 a pint, a def­i­nite ses­sion­er

    Burst, bub­ble, burst! We’re get­ting thirsty out here!

  3. I missed WB out of my gold­en pints down to my tardy note-tak­ing – but I’ve been seri­ous­ly impressed with pret­ty much every­thing they’ve done that I’ve tried. Not tried this one, as it hap­pens – just a but­t­load of IPA’s and IPA’s with Sai­son yeast. very tasty.

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