News, Nuggets and Longreads 04/01/2014

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This is what we’re using Saturday mornings for now: round-ups, snippets, and things that don’t warrant full blog posts of their own. First, some news.

Weird Beard Brew­ing revealed that anoth­er Lon­don brew­ery, Cam­den Town, had threat­ened legal action over a per­ceived trade­mark infringe­ment. We’re not trade­mark lawyers and don’t know the full sto­ry, so we keep our nose out of these things, but we can see Cam­den’s point – what if a small Cor­nish brew­ery launched a beer called St Austell? Cam­den’s heavy-hand­ed approach, how­ev­er, is undoubt­ed­ly very bad for their image.

A long read

The Voice of Amer­i­ca web­site has a long arti­cle on craft brew­ing in South Africa (via @beerhasahistory on Twit­ter). If you can ignore its off­hand attempts to define craft beer, and the assump­tion that ‘craft beer’ is nec­es­sar­i­ly ‘good’, it’s an inter­est­ing glimpse into yet anoth­er bur­geon­ing brew­ing scene. High­light? This Afrikaans idiom:

I think peo­ple think I’m a spoilt brat. I think that’s what a big part of it comes down to. You know: ‘Dad­dy gave her a brew­ery; sy’t met haar gat in die bot­ter geval…’” [She fell with her bot­tom in the but­ter]

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