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Younger’s Special Keg c.1968

‘Next time you’re for looking for laughter/ Track down the latest gear/ It won’t be far from the magic/ Of that Younger’s Special beer!’

Our best guess for a date is c.1968.

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Apart from my cousin Jill, who could sink a pint quicker than most blokes, I don’t remember women drinking pints back in the sixties; or any “draught” bitter for that matter. (My cousin drank lager!).

As for the ad, a real piece of contrived marketing if ever i saw one, as I don’t remember anyone dressing like that back then either.

Ah Paul, you weren’t in Edinburgh, the epicentre of fashion!

I’m interested what made you estimate 1968 for this. I’d probably guess the same. If it were much later, I’d think it would be a) in colour and b) advertising Tartan rather than Younger’s Special.

The BFI does have a database record for a couple of Younger’s adverts dated 1970. No preview so can’t tell if it’s the same ad, but it might be the same series. The agency was Benton & Bowles.

We guessed 1968 specifically because it reminded us of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush from the same year.

God, those clothes. I’m just about old enough for those floppy caps to bring back memories – not good ones.

Agreed on the family resemblance with HWGRTMB. Longer lead time on films than 30-second ads, though – so this might be even earlier than ’68.

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