5 thoughts on “Younger’s Special Keg c.1968”

  1. Apart from my cousin Jill, who could sink a pint quick­er than most blokes, I don’t remem­ber women drink­ing pints back in the six­ties; or any “draught” bit­ter for that mat­ter. (My cousin drank lager!).

    As for the ad, a real piece of con­trived mar­ket­ing if ever i saw one, as I don’t remem­ber any­one dress­ing like that back then either.

  2. Ah Paul, you weren’t in Edin­burgh, the epi­cen­tre of fash­ion!

    I’m inter­est­ed what made you esti­mate 1968 for this. I’d prob­a­bly guess the same. If it were much lat­er, I’d think it would be a) in colour and b) adver­tis­ing Tar­tan rather than Younger’s Spe­cial.

    The BFI does have a data­base record for a cou­ple of Younger’s adverts dat­ed 1970. No pre­view so can’t tell if it’s the same ad, but it might be the same series. http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/642668. The agency was Ben­ton & Bowles.

    1. We guessed 1968 specif­i­cal­ly because it remind­ed us of Here We Go Round the Mul­ber­ry Bush from the same year.

  3. God, those clothes. I’m just about old enough for those flop­py caps to bring back mem­o­ries – not good ones.

    Agreed on the fam­i­ly resem­blance with HWGRTMB. Longer lead time on films than 30-sec­ond ads, though – so this might be even ear­li­er than ’68.

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