Not a Review of Thornbridge Chiron

For the 84th Beer Blogging session, Oliver Gray has challenged us to review a beer by doing anything but reviewing it.

After experimenting with ballet, musique concrète, mime and flower arranging, we eventually settled on video: we used footage from the Prelinger collection at the Internet Archive and some ‘music’ of our own ‘composition’ (cringe) to create this minute-long… thing.

That was fun, but we won’t be making a habit of it.

9 thoughts on “Not a Review of Thornbridge Chiron”

  1. I thought that was lovely. Not pretentious, but thoughtful. Could split a room, though. Thought it had signature themes of yours – vintage images of man and woman enjoying beer together etc.

  2. After your description I thought I would find it incredibly naff, but it’s rather clever, taking describing a beer into a new dimension (wish I’d thought of it…)

    1. Started writing an “Adam Curtis” script a few times but gave up for fear that Thornbridge has (a) lawyers who (b) haven’t got a sense of humour. How AC does it for real I’ll never know.

  3. Yes, very clever. Except that you have reviewed the beer. Now we know that Chiron by Thornbridge has a citrussy aroma with peaches, more peaches and apricots with lager malt in the mouth followed by a pine resin and grapefruit finish.

    Oh, wait a minute, that’s any Thornbridge beer…

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