Beery Long Reads, March 2014

'I Deny Being A Hipster Who Denies Being A Hipster' by Lorena Cupcake, from Flickr Creative Commons.
SOURCE: Lore­na Cup­cake, Flickr Cre­ative Com­mons.


by Chris Hall (@cshallwriter)

For a long time, I’ve used the word affec­tion­ate­ly, refer­ring to hip­sters in the same way I might say ‘Oh Mor­ris­sey, you sil­ly Quorn sausage.’ I see peo­ple doing things that seem naive or gullible, fash­ion-fol­low­ing or amus­ing­ly trendy, and I think, some­what patro­n­is­ing­ly, oh, hip­sters, shak­ing my head in father­ly amusement/disapproval. In the past year or so though, I have become increas­ing­ly aware and sen­si­tive to the use of the word hip­ster in a decid­ed­ly non-affec­tion­ate way.

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[/ezcol_1third]Birmingham Beer Bash logo.[ezcol_2third_end]My, How We’ve Changed

by David Ship­man (@othertonaleman)

I don’t know any more where (or who) it came from, or how it got shared, but ini­tial­ly sen­si­ble dis­cus­sions fuelled by beer became bold­er. A vision was born. Only an out­line at first, blurred but recog­nis­able. We cre­at­ed the Birm­ing­ham Beer Bash.

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[/ezcol_1third]Kona Brewing logo.[ezcol_2third_end]Nine­teen nine­ty-five: beer change afoot

by Stan Hierony­mus (@stanhieronymus)

Fif­teen years after Ken Gross­man and Paul Camusi began sell­ing their Sier­ra Neva­da beers in 1980 America’s beer renais­sance demand­ed atten­tion.

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[/ezcol_1third]Banana Bread Beer bottle.[ezcol_2third_end]Banana Bread Beer: an endur­ing odd­i­ty

by Leigh Lin­ley (@LeighGoodStuff)

The aro­ma is the first thing you notice. You try to stop your­self think­ing ‘Well it does smell like Banana’, but you can’t. It’s there all right; sweet and almost cloy­ing, recall­ing those foam banana sweets.

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[/ezcol_1third]Cardboard beer mats.[ezcol_2third_end]Card­board Stu­pid – more box than beer

by Justin Mason (@1970sboy)

Card­board, a heavy duty paper in all its forms, from the box your lat­est online order came in to the handy beer mat you scrib­bled that tele­phone num­ber on in a hur­ry has had a long asso­ci­a­tion with beer and our drink­ing habits…

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[/ezcol_1third]Detail from a photo by Dianne Tanner: bottled beer.[ezcol_2third_end]The Price of Craft Beer

by Matt Cur­tis (@totalcurtis)

My more avid Twit­ter fol­low­ers will have recent­ly wit­nessed a brief tirade against what I felt was an exces­sive­ly high price for import­ed cans of Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA, one of my very favourite dou­ble IPA’s. The cheap­est price I could find was £6.49 for a sin­gle 455ml/16oz can…

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[/ezcol_1third]Ontario Beer Label.[ezcol_2third_end]Your Sun­day Morn­ing 1940s Ontario Beer Update

by Alan McLeod (@agoodbeerblog)

I give you excerpts from a late draft of Ontario Beer: A Heady His­to­ry of Brew­ing from the Great Lakes to the Hud­son Bay. Final tweaks con­tin­ue…

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[/ezcol_1third]Small Beer Illustration.[ezcol_2third_end]Has The Brew­ery Boom Made Beer Worse?

by Con­nor Mur­phy (@likethemurphys)

With so many nascent brew­eries now in oper­a­tion, it’s fair to say there’s been a net decrease in expe­ri­ence through­out the brew­ing trade and, giv­en the appeal of craft, there has been an increase in those keen to cash in on demand… That’s not to say the boom has been bad for beer but the cur­rent state of flux has caused qual­i­ty to waver over the last cou­ple of years.

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[/ezcol_1third]Detail from the cover of Home Brewing Without Failures by H.E. Bravery.[ezcol_2third_end]Home­brew­ing in the UK

by David Bish­op (@broadfordbrewer)

It’s my opin­ion that the boom-and-boom of home­brew­ing is sym­bi­ot­ic with the gen­er­al surge of inter­est in beer… 2013 was anoth­er good year for home­brew­ing, and 2014 is already full of promise.

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[/ezcol_1third]The Golden Heart, Spitalfields.[ezcol_2third_end]The Snug Bar Preser­va­tion Soci­ety

by Boak & Bai­ley (@boakandbailey) with pic­tures by Ten Inch Wheels (@teninchwheels)

Nowa­days, the idea of a com­mu­ni­ty cam­paign to save a pub hard­ly seems remark­able — they are seen as an endan­gered species, the cru­el prop­er­ty devel­op­ers’ har­poons glanc­ing off their leath­ery old skin — but a hun­dred years ago, thing were very dif­fer­ent. Then, a cull was under­way. [Read more…][/ezcol_2third_end]

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