News, Nuggets and Longreads 02/03/2014

Just to keep you on your toes, here’s our regular Saturday morning news round-up delivered a day late.

Stella Artois advert, 1970s.→ We got sent samples of three canned beers from Brooklyn brewery Sixpoint which will be on sale in branches of Wetherspoons from March. Our favourite was ‘The Crisp’, a 5.4% lager, which had a kind of rough-edged charm, but we didn’t find any of them especially exciting. The packaging sure is purty, though, so they might do well at ‘point of sale’, and we’d certainly take them over pints of Doom Bar or Abbot Ale. 

→ This week’s Save to Pocket ‘long read’ (2000 words) is a debunking of the myth that people used to drink beer because it was safer than water: ‘A fourteenth century monk in Liège not only listed water (with wine) as one of the preferred drinks, but recommended it over ale and beer.’ (via Rob Beschizza at Boingboing.)

→ We’ve also filed for later reading this piece by Martyn ‘Zythophile’ Cornell on gruit in beer, which sets out its stall with the most pedantic picture caption ever written: ‘…the heather isn’t in bloom… and she’d need more than could be gathered with a pair of scissors’.

→ Those who take an interest in the spread of the idea of ‘craft beer’ worldwide will enjoy this piece from Time Out Mumbai on the city’s beer scene. (Via @gatewaybrewery on Twitter.)

→ Similarly, Barry Masterson’s most recent series of posts cover beer festival Braukunst Live 2014 and offer a great snapshot of where the German beer scene is at right now: craft vs. crafty (‘Kunst oder Künstlich?’) is apparently an issue there, too.

→ Oh, what a time to be alive!

English Heritage’s Tumblr is currently spewing forth wonderful pictures of Victorian pubs. (If only they were in higher resolution.)

We went long yesterday, as did several others. A full round up of those #beerylongreads will follow later in the week when a few stragglers have filed their copy.

UPDATE: the ad at the top is a curiosity from the 1970s — we haven’t suddenly entered into partnership with AB InBev!

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Hmmm – don’t find the water-myth-debunking article very convincing at all. Lot of anecdotal stuff that “proves” that some people sometimes drank water.
Which no-one ever doubted.

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