News, Nuggets and Longreads 02/03/2014

Just to keep you on your toes, here’s our regular Saturday morning news round-up delivered a day late.

Stella Artois advert, 1970s.→ We got sent sam­ples of three canned beers from Brook­lyn brew­ery Six­point which will be on sale in branch­es of Wether­spoons from March. Our favourite was ‘The Crisp’, a 5.4% lager, which had a kind of rough-edged charm, but we didn’t find any of them espe­cial­ly excit­ing. The pack­ag­ing sure is pur­ty, though, so they might do well at ‘point of sale’, and we’d cer­tain­ly take them over pints of Doom Bar or Abbot Ale. 

→ This week’s Save to Pock­et ‘long read’ (2000 words) is a debunk­ing of the myth that peo­ple used to drink beer because it was safer than water: ‘A four­teenth cen­tu­ry monk in Liège not only list­ed water (with wine) as one of the pre­ferred drinks, but rec­om­mend­ed it over ale and beer.’ (via Rob Beschiz­za at Boing­bo­ing.)

→ We’ve also filed for lat­er read­ing this piece by Mar­tyn ‘Zythophile’ Cor­nell on gruit in beer, which sets out its stall with the most pedan­tic pic­ture cap­tion ever writ­ten: ‘…the heather isn’t in bloom… and she’d need more than could be gath­ered with a pair of scis­sors’.

→ Those who take an inter­est in the spread of the idea of ‘craft beer’ world­wide will enjoy this piece from Time Out Mum­bai on the city’s beer scene. (Via @gatewaybrewery on Twit­ter.)

→ Sim­i­lar­ly, Bar­ry Masterson’s most recent series of posts cov­er beer fes­ti­val Braukun­st Live 2014 and offer a great snap­shot of where the Ger­man beer scene is at right now: craft vs. crafty (‘Kun­st oder Kün­stlich?’) is appar­ent­ly an issue there, too.

→ Oh, what a time to be alive!

Eng­lish Heritage’s Tum­blr is cur­rent­ly spew­ing forth won­der­ful pic­tures of Vic­to­ri­an pubs. (If only they were in high­er res­o­lu­tion.)

We went long yes­ter­day, as did sev­er­al oth­ers. A full round up of those #beery­lon­greads will fol­low lat­er in the week when a few strag­glers have filed their copy.

UPDATE: the ad at the top is a curios­i­ty from the 1970s – we haven’t sud­den­ly entered into part­ner­ship with AB InBev!

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  1. Hmmm – don’t find the water-myth-debunk­ing arti­cle very con­vinc­ing at all. Lot of anec­do­tal stuff that “proves” that some peo­ple some­times drank water.
    Which no-one ever doubt­ed.

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