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VIDEO: Cheap Beer vs. Wine Expert

We’re not huge fans of Buzzfeed but we do like this video in which sommelier Whitney Adams tastes six cheap American beers, not least because of the fresh vocabulary: where beer geeks might say bland, she says delicate, for example.

3 replies on “VIDEO: Cheap Beer vs. Wine Expert”

That music was really annoying!

Not really being familiar with the brands involved, I’m not sure what point the video was making, but I do know that the mass-market beers aren’t just thrown together – they do have a specific flavour profile, only part of which is ‘not too assertive’, & employ people who can taste it.

Excellent! I like the direct confident way this critic speaks. Also, her comments are short and pithy, and then she moves on. Too much beer (and wine) commentary is too wordy by half.


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