VIDEO: Cheap Beer vs. Wine Expert

We’re not huge fans of Buz­zfeed but we do like this video in which som­me­li­er Whit­ney Adams tastes six cheap Amer­i­can beers, not least because of the fresh vocab­u­lary: where beer geeks might say bland, she says del­i­cate, for exam­ple.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Cheap Beer vs. Wine Expert”

  1. That music was real­ly annoy­ing!

    Not real­ly being famil­iar with the brands involved, I’m not sure what point the video was mak­ing, but I do know that the mass-mar­ket beers aren’t just thrown togeth­er – they do have a spe­cif­ic flavour pro­file, only part of which is ‘not too assertive’, & employ peo­ple who can taste it.

  2. Excel­lent! I like the direct con­fi­dent way this crit­ic speaks. Also, her com­ments are short and pithy, and then she moves on. Too much beer (and wine) com­men­tary is too wordy by half.


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