Haves and Have-nots

Stampede by Gopal Vijayaraghavan.
Stam­pede by Gopal Vija­yaragha­van, from Flickr, under Cre­ative Com­mons.

This morning, Huddersfield’s Magic Rock made Un-Human Cannonball, their 12% 11% ‘Triple IPA’, available for purchase. It sold out online within 20 minutes.

The last week has seen a con­stant buzz from beer geeks, trig­ger fin­gers twitch­ing over mouse but­tons, des­per­ate to get their hands on this lim­it­ed edi­tion, once-a-year spe­cial­i­ty. Though we’ve gen­er­al­ly been very impressed by Mag­ic Rock­’s beer, we refused to play.

Beer, we’re begin­ning to think, ought to be a repeat­able expe­ri­ence. That’s one rea­son we pre­fer St Bernar­dus Abt 12 to West­vleteren 12, and prob­a­bly why our ‘cel­lar’ is full of ‘spe­cial’ beers we nev­er seem to get round to drink­ing.

And, any­way, how good can this par­tic­u­lar beer actu­al­ly be?

For all our aloof­ness, though, when the starter’s gun sound­ed, we did, for a brief moment, feel the urge to join the race – to avoid being ‘left behind’ and place our­selves among the rap­tured:

The fact is, this kind of mar­ket­ing event just works. If we ran a brew­ery, we’d be doing exact­ly the same.

If you’re in Man­ches­ter or Lon­don and want anoth­er shot at get­ting your hands on UHC, there are launch events tak­ing place this evening at the Port Street Beer House and Craft Beer Com­pa­ny (Isling­ton) respec­tive­ly. Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Haves and Have-nots”

  1. Last year’s real­ly was­n’t my cup of tea. It just did­nt have the ‘top notes’ of hop char­ac­ter you look for in a mas­sive IPA. Sure it has loads of flavour but it tast­ed like a hop­py Bare­ly wine and for me, buck­led under it’s own weight.

    That’s speak­ing as some­body who bloody loves mag­ic Rock too. Prob­a­bly my favourite UK brew­ery. Per­son­al­ly, i’ll stick with good ol’ reg­u­lar can­non­ball. A tru­ly stun­ning beer!

    Also, I think it was 12% last time around but the 2014 ver­sion is 11% btw, not 12% as you say.

    1. They would­n’t want to be des­per­ate­ly Tweet­ing three months on from the launch event “Just a few bot­tles, left, guys! Get ’em while you can!”

  2. That’s one rea­son we pre­fer St Bernar­dus Abt 12 to West­vleteren 12”
    There’s one over­whelm­ing­ly good rea­son to pre­fer the St Bernar­dus – it’s a bet­ter beer.…..

  3. The line for this years Pliny start­ed when two peo­ple left the pub when it shut and start­ed the line for the next day. But I enjoy the sea­son­al releas­es as long as I don’t have to queue for them. Did you see the huna­pa­ha thing? I’m sur­prised that does­n’t hap­pen more often…

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