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Brew Britannia has Landed


Until copies arrived by courier today, there was a lingering suspicion in our minds that Brew Britannia might be a dream, or perhaps a cruel prank.

But, no, it really exists, and we’re cooing over it like new parents. Look at the spot varnish on its wittle cover — awww!  It’s a good job they sent two so we can each hold one. (And, yes, we did smell them — top marks for aroma.)

Detail of a page from Brew Britannia.

Now the hard bit: selling it

Writing it was fun; selling it does not come naturally, but it has to be done.

There’s no reason why you should help, of course, especially as you haven’t read it yet, but if you do feel inclined…

1. Though the book will no doubt mostly interest beer geeks, we also hope it will be a good read for foodies, wine lovers and ‘normals’. If you feel like sharing a link with your pals, especially those outside the beer geek bubble, then that’d be lovely.

2. If you’re intending to pick a copy up at some point, it’s really helpful if you pre-order it online. Pre-orders help to demonstrate to Amazon and Waterstones that there’s demand and increases the chances of them giving it a bit of a push at their end. It also helps it stand out here. (If you’ve already pre-ordered, thank you!)

Screenshot: Amazon 'hot new releases'.

3. If you don’t like ordering from big chains, you could ask your local independent bookshop to get one in for you instead. If enough people ask, it might convince them to get a few copies and put it on display where impulse purchasers will see it.

4. If you run a website, magazine, fanzine, podcast or video blog and would like us to write/record/draw/sculpt you a guest article/interview/mime, gratis and free of charge, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Psst! Psst! Wanna signed book?

Even though the launch date is 19 June, we’ll also have a limited number of copies to sell and sign in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield later this month.

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I’ve seen quite a few online ads under the Amazon banner – but of course that will reflect my own purchasing history rather than a massive campaign.

Those Amazon ads around the web tend to use cookies to show you things you’ve looked at but haven’t bought.

Is this the first picture published of you? The mystery is over! 🙂

Well, it didn’t put me off. Pre-order in several months ago. Genuinely excited to read. 🙂

I didn’t know you were into selfies, but if you are then you don’t look at all like how I’d imagined you both would. There’s no reason you should of course, and it’s wrong of me too, as one should never try and pre-judge people. Sometimes though, it’s difficult not to form a picture in your mind of people you’ve never seen.

Anyway, after digging myself into a deep hole there, good luck with the book! I will be ordering my copy soon.

Ha ha — we’re not ‘into’ selfies — this is a one off!

We have to ask — what *did* you expect? Older? Younger? Beards?

Older but more hair, and definitely a beard.

And you don’t look how I thought you would, either.

(Sorry, sorry, sorry – couldn’t resist the gag. I have no comment at all on Boak’s appearance. Not least because I hardly noticed her next to the face you’re pulling.)

Good news, I’ll be getting this for sure. Nice to put a face(s) to the name(s).


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