News, Nuggets and Longreads 31/05/2014

Pint of beer illustration.

We’ve seen things… you people wouldn’t believe… Sambucas on fire off the Old Street roundabout… We watched EPOS systems glitter in the dark near the Arndale Centre. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like *koff* tears… In… Rain. Time… to round-up…

→ Saved to Pock­et this week, an inter­view with Mar­tin Hayes, founder of the Craft Beer Com­pa­ny chain of pubs and bars. On ‘craft beer’: “I kind of hate the term now.”

→ We’ve also saved this 1200-word piece from the New York Times on White Labs and the farm­ing of spe­cial­i­ty brew­ing yeasts. (Yeast in the NYT! And not bloody beard or under­pants yeast, either – prop­er yeast!)

→ There’s yet more cov­er­age of beer on the BBC news web­site with this pro­file of Croy­don’s The Cronx brew­ery. It’s a weird­ly uncrit­i­cal, rather point­less piece that seems to have escaped from the Morn­ing Adver­tis­er but, hey, it’s beer on the Beeb.

→ Thorn­bridge and Wait­rose have launched a nation­al home brew­ing chal­lenge: sub­mit three bot­tles of your home brew to Thorn­bridge by 31 July for a chance to have it brewed pro­fes­sion­al­ly.

→ A fol­low-up to our Bod­ding­ton’s Bit­ter post, how about this shot of a very mod­ern pub, from c.1978? (Note the two young men try­ing to work out if their beer is ‘straw-coloured’ or just light brown.)

There’s a bit of a brouha­ha brew­ing at Shep­herd Neame, which offers an inter­est­ing glimpse into the ten­sions behind the run­ning of a British fam­i­ly brew­ery.

→ And, final­ly, if you’re out and about in Corn­wall today, the St Ives beer fes­ti­val is on until this evening.