VIDEO: 10 Objects #1: TIE

To accompany the publication of Brew Britannia we’re hoping to produce ten of these 1 minute films featuring objects which reflect part of the story.

This first film is about the official tie of the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood, founded in 1963.

(Consider this a pilot — we’re still getting to used to the sound of our own voices, being bookworms at heart…)

4 replies on “VIDEO: 10 Objects #1: TIE”

Very well done. I like the stereo effect.

No idea if this is a helpful criticism or not, but you do both sound a bit like you’re reading the words, in a way that telly documentary voiceover people don’t.

That is helpful — thanks. We were concentrating so hard on not garbling or mumbling that it ended up a bit stilted. Should hopefully be better in future instalments. (And we might re-record this one, too.)

I thought you hit a very good pace. Don’t undervalue a slightly stilted voice. It is clear and understandable to speak slightly more slowly and a bit more crisply than when speaking unconsciously. The other week when I spoke before city council in closed session it was like driving without ever putting the car in fourth gear. I particularly liked the dynamic placing and lifting of the tie myself.

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