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Brew Britannia Update

cover_final_march_200Reviews have been coming in thick and fast this week:

  • Zak Avery — “It’s a fascinating tale of peculiarly British pluck and pioneering spirit, all washed down with lots of great beer. “
  • Jeff Evans (Inside Beer) — “…perhaps the greatest asset they bring to the project is a degree of objectivity. “
  • Leigh Linley — “Brew Britannia is an excellent book; investigative, frank, even-handed and, above all, vital to both the beer geek and the neophyte alike.”
  • Rowan Molyneux — “Brew Britannia doesn’t just fill in the gaps in the landscape, it gets out its felt tips, adds trees, houses, and little cartoon dogs, then colours everything in very carefully without going over the lines.”
  • Tandleman — “Those that are familiar with the story and those that are not and those that have even the most passing interest in British beer and brewing will equally find fascinating and educational.”
  • Adrian Tierney-Jones — “Brew Britannia is a fascinating odyssey through the last half-century of British beer and I would recommend this without a moment’s thought.” (Read his review for the ‘but’, though…)

Suffice to say, we’re delighted with the response so far.

Though the official launch isn’t until 19 June, we understand that Amazon are currently dispatching copies.

We’ve added a few London events to our tour calendar: do come and say hello at BrewDog Camden on Sunday 15 June, 1-3 pm; or at the King’s Arms, E2, on Friday 20 June, from 7-9 pm.

And, finally, the Amazon Kindle version is now available to pre-order at £6.17 (less than half the price of the paperback) and we are told that it will also be released in other e-book formats (e.g. Nook, Apple) fairly shortly.

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my preorder copy arrived wednesday too and i’m a few chapters in…great stuff so far and makes a change to not have to save to pocket 😉

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