The Month That Was: May 2014

Here’s a look back at what we posted in May, including a ‘long read’ about Boddington’s Bitter and a breakthrough on the Watney’s Red recipe front.

Watneys Red Barrel beer mat.

We found infor­ma­tion on the make-up of Wat­ney’s beers in an unex­pect­ed place .

Boddington's keg 'lens', Manchester.

We used our trip to Man­ches­ter to con­sid­er a great (sort of) ‘lost’ beer. (1500 words.)

→ We began the month with an unflat­ter­ing ‘self­ie’ and news that copies of Brew Bri­tan­nia had actu­al­ly arrived in our sweaty hands.

→ Our con­tri­bu­tion to the 87th beer blog­ging ses­sion was a short con­sid­er­a­tion of the his­to­ry of Ellis of Hayle. We’d have liked more time to work on it, to be hon­est, but hey-ho. (Reuben Gray round­ed up all the oth­er con­tri­bu­tions here.)

→ On a relat­ed note, we vol­un­teered to take on the 88th ses­sion. If you want to join in (and please do) the sub­ject is ‘tra­di­tion­al beer mix­es’.

→ Con­tin­u­ing our exper­i­ments in cre­ative writ­ing was a por­trait of a local drinker who was very, very drunk.

→ Is it OK to pre­serve a pub build­ing by let­ting it be turned into a super­mar­ket or fast food joint? Or is that a fate worse than death?

St Austel­l’s ongo­ing fas­ci­na­tion with Bel­gian beer styles has pro­duced a Kriek which we enjoyed as much for what it rep­re­sents as for its flavour.

A 100-word pon­der­ing piece about diver­si­ty and com­plex­i­ty in the world of beer prompt­ed quite a few com­ments as peo­ple grap­pled with what ‘qual­i­ty’ means and whether ‘autho­r­i­al intent’ is more impor­tant than cus­tomer pref­er­ence.

→ Hav­ing writ­ten a ton of (we think) inter­est­ing posts about CAMRA and its pre­cur­sors in the last year or two, we decid­ed to gath­er them togeth­er in one post. (Yo, dawg – we heard you like round-ups, so we put a round-up in your round-up…)

→ We flagged a cou­ple of inter­est­ing posts else­where in the blo­goshire on the sub­ject of cel­lar­ing and cask ale. There have been fur­ther devel­op­ments, includ­ing talk of a prac­ti­cal exper­i­ment with glass-front­ed casks.

→ On St Austell Prop­er Cool IPA and Thorn­bridge’s lat­est ‘left­field’ brew­ing exper­i­ments: “Black holes in space have yet to be direct­ly observed, and their pres­ence can only be inferred through their inter­ac­tion with oth­er mat­ter and light… Recent events in the world of beer sug­gest that ‘craft beer’ might oper­ate in the same way.”

→ We could­n’t tell if Hopjut­ter Triple Hop was too com­plex for us or just a bit nasty.

→ Here’s what we made of our trip up north and our first expe­ri­ence of face-to-face book pro­mo­tion duties.

→ Our most recent 100-word ‘short­read’ was an account of a pub­’s efforts to real­ly kill the atmos­phere.

→ We announced a com­pe­ti­tion to win a case of beer and a copy of Brew Bri­tan­niaall you have to do is leave a com­ment here by next Fri­day, 6 June. The odds are look­ing good at the moment.

→ An arti­cle about Adnams’ Spin­drift from 2007 led us to con­sid­er the ear­ly days of ‘craft keg’.

→ Mag­ic Rock & Lervig col­lab­o­rat­ed on a Farm­house IPA (here­after ‘FIPA’) which knocked our socks off, though it seemed less excit­ing on sub­se­quent encoun­ters.

→ There were also sev­er­al com­pi­la­tions of ‘news, nuggets and lon­greads’ on 3, 10, 17 and 24 of May, and yes­ter­day; four orig­i­nal videos in our series The Strange Rebirth of British Beer in 10 Objects; and a cou­ple of quotes that caught our eye.

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  1. Com­ments closed on the Watney’s note­book post, so here instead. That 1% crys­tal malt in RBK might – pos­si­bly – have been to increase the per­ceived body and sweet­ness which would have been reduced by the chilled and fizzy dis­pense.

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