News, Nuggets & Longreads 07/06/2014

Detail from Watney's Brown Ale advertisement c.1960.

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three. Come with us and you’ll be… in a world of beery information!

The Queen’s speech on Wednes­day includ­ed the announce­ment of Gov­ern­ment plans for a new statu­to­ry code and inde­pen­dent adju­di­ca­tor for pubs, with the pri­ma­ry inten­tion of improv­ing the for­tunes of hard-pressed pub com­pa­ny ten­ants. CAMRA is jubi­lant; pub­li­can cam­paign­ers feel its a half-heart­ed com­pro­mise; oppo­nents of state inter­fer­ence in busi­ness think it’s  step too far; and we’re hold­ing our breath to see what the impact of even these timid steps might be, with the Beer Orders in mind.

Keen Brew­Dog watch­ers have been pre­dict­ing a rebrand for some time and it seems it’s final­ly arrived. Is it just super­fi­cial, or does this also sig­nal a cul­tur­al reboot for a com­pa­ny which has too often seemed down­right brat­tish?

→ Saved to Pock­et this week: Mar­tyn Cor­nel­l’s lengthy exam­i­na­tion of how the RAF sup­plied troops in Europe with beer dur­ing World War II. (We’ve seen that pic­ture of the Spit­fire with the beer bar­rels under its wings a mil­lions times, but this goes into a lot more detail.)

→ After our post about Mack­e­son, The Beer Nut shared reviews of the same beer and its Trinidad-brewed XXX cousin from his vast archive.

→ There’s yet more decent cov­er­age of beer on the BBC news web­site with this piece on craft beer in India by Simon Atkin­son.

→ This pho­to­graph of Kate ‘Maid Mar­i­an’ Lon­er­gan hit us hard in the child­hood nos­tal­gia glands:

→ And, final­ly, those of you who like to han­dle the goods before buy­ing might be inter­est­ed to know that Brew Bri­tan­nia is appar­ent­ly avail­able in actu­al bricks and mor­tar branch­es of Water­stones.

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