News, Nuggets & Longreads 07/06/2014

Detail from Watney's Brown Ale advertisement c.1960.

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to three. Come with us and you’ll be… in a world of beery information!

The Queen’s speech on Wednesday included the announcement of Government plans for a new statutory code and independent adjudicator for pubs, with the primary intention of improving the fortunes of hard-pressed pub company tenants. CAMRA is jubilant; publican campaigners feel its a half-hearted compromise; opponents of state interference in business think it’s  step too far; and we’re holding our breath to see what the impact of even these timid steps might be, with the Beer Orders in mind.

Keen BrewDog watchers have been predicting a rebrand for some time and it seems it’s finally arrived. Is it just superficial, or does this also signal a cultural reboot for a company which has too often seemed downright brattish?

→ Saved to Pocket this week: Martyn Cornell’s lengthy examination of how the RAF supplied troops in Europe with beer during World War II. (We’ve seen that picture of the Spitfire with the beer barrels under its wings a millions times, but this goes into a lot more detail.)

→ After our post about Mackeson, The Beer Nut shared reviews of the same beer and its Trinidad-brewed XXX cousin from his vast archive.

→ There’s yet more decent coverage of beer on the BBC news website with this piece on craft beer in India by Simon Atkinson.

→ This photograph of Kate ‘Maid Marian’ Lonergan hit us hard in the childhood nostalgia glands:

→ And, finally, those of you who like to handle the goods before buying might be interested to know that Brew Britannia is apparently available in actual bricks and mortar branches of Waterstones.

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