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Some Beer-Related Projects of Note

BEER! (Type illustration.)

Apparently, some people aren’t satisfied with the endless ramblings of beer bloggers.

They want to hear voices, see moving images, and feel paper between their grubby fingers.

Well, they’re in luck, as there are a few new projects in the pipeline which we think are worth highlighting.

In print

Hop & Barley magazine (@hopandbarley) looks as if it’s going to the equivalent of a beer blog in print. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign, it promises ‘a fresh look through the UK’s vibrant brewing scene’.

The first issue of Original Gravity magazine (@OGBeerMag) is due on 1 September and will be given away free in pubs, bars and at beer festivals. The website doesn’t have much information at the moment and we don’t know who’s behind it.


We don’t really listen to podcasts — they seem a painfully slow way to absorb information compared to reading — but Beerlinescurrently being put together by veteran writer and ‘craft beer’ industry figure Jeff Pickthall (@BeerlinesEd) might be interesting. Its format is inspired by the BBC radio programme From Our Own Correspondent, and the first programme will feature a contribution from The Beer Nut.

On Telly

And, finally, one from the rumour mill: we were told recently that we might be approached by a TV company making a series about the resurgence of British beer. Now wouldn’t that be interesting?

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B&B, the tv idea sounds great. Why don’t you approach the companies with a proposal?


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