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VIDEO: 10 Objects #7 — Submission

To accompany the publication of Brew Britannia we’re producing ten one-minute films featuring objects which reflect part of the story.

This seventh film is about an important piece of paperwork.

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Was there a fixed pattern to the systems he installed or did he recommend a range? His influence in the NE of the US is expressed in open primary brewing at places like Shipyard in Maine and Middle Ages in Syracuse. These beers can have higher diacetyl so beer geeks raised only on furniture polish levels of hopping snub them.

Good question. With the various issues of What’s Brewing and The Grist we’ve acquired, we ought to be able to come up with an answer — perhaps a good subject for a future blog post.

From what we’ve seen so far, we don’t think his breweries were ‘off the shelf’, but Ringwood had such a cult reputation that we wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few people didn’t simply ask him to clone that setup.

(Shipyard beers are turning up in the UK at the moment, aggressively discounted. We’ve not been impressed — lacking character/freshness, it seemed to us.)

Lack of freshness is what I might accuse most UK beers in Canada of suffering from, too. Likely true in both cases. I blame the marine cargo shipping industry

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