News, Nuggets & Longreads 26/07/2014


By the time you read this, we will be in Birmingham preparing for our turn at the Beer Bash (3 pm). Let’s hope some people turn up to see us.

At any rate, through the magic of post scheduling, here’s everything of interest we’d spotted by Thursday evening, for your enjoyment this Saturday morning.

→ We’ve managed to avoid the ‘What does AK stand for?’ debate until this point but this post by Martyn Cornell has got us hooked.

→ Late night parties at London Zoo amid the gorillas, tigers and snakes? What could possibly go wrong?

Barm on his relief at finding a beer he can rave about: “I have no idea whether Fourpure’s other beers are also as good as this, and to be honest I don’t really care.”

Barry Masterson cuts through the politics to observe (a) that he really likes Stone’s beer and (b) when they open their brewery in Berlin, it’ll be good news for him.

While Jordan St John goes beyond being a bit miffed at the crowd-funding aspect of Stone’s project: Stone’s Indiegogo campaign is actively evil because they are exploiting secondary ideas around the brewery business model like art and community in order to get you to pay them money to do something they are going to do anyway.”

→ Because Ed is a scientist, he reads all kinds of boring in-depth publications that most of us don’t, which is how he caught the news that lager yeast probably didn’t originate in Patagonia after all, but in Tibet.

→ From a couple of weeks back, an inspiring home brew recipe from Michael ‘Sour Beer’ Tonsmeire, called Saison ‘Merica. Just look at the picture of the beer in the glass: Yum!

→ Jay Brooks keeps up a constant flow of nice scans from old beer ads on his blog, but this one particularly caught our attention:


Why don’t more mainstream brewers produce a really well-made, top-notch flagship lager? Is it because it would highlight the poor quality of their other supposedly ‘premium’ products?

→ Er, that’s it. No ‘longreads’ of note, and no Brew Britannia reviews to link to. Let’s hope everyone is writing something good for 30 August, eh?