GALLERY: Brew Britannia Deleted Scenes

Featured image: David Bruce outside the Flounder & Firkin, Islington, in the early 1980s. (SOURCE: David Bruce.)

These are photos we didn’t use in Brew Britannia┬ábecause they were too low in resolution, too low in contrast, or, in the case of a couple we took ourselves, rotten.

We’ve also thrown in a colour version of the Brahms & Liszt beer label which appears in black-and-white in the book.

With thanks to John Keeble, Brian Schwartz, Martin Sykes, David Bruce, Christian Townsley & John Gyngell and Simon Webster.

3 replies on “GALLERY: Brew Britannia Deleted Scenes”

On a related note, are there many pictures of Mash and Air to be had? The description in the book is fantastic, but all I can find by googling is a few exterior shots and some chairs…

Not really. We’ve just come into possession of a copy of The Grist magazine from March/April 1997 (which we really could have done with before the book went to print…) which has a couple of shots but… chairs and windows, mostly. The cover is probably the best single photo we’ve seen, capturing something of the lurid colouring, the layout, and the prominence of the brew-kit.

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