News, Nuggets & Longreads 23/08/2014

Pint of beer illustration.

We found time to put together a (small) Saturday round-up after all! Yer tis.

→ Saved to Pock­et: Evan Rail on how a renowned com­put­er hack­er is bring­ing Berlin­er Weisse back to the city of its birth. (From what we’ve read so far, this looks like a superb ques­tion­ing, prob­ing piece of writ­ing.)

→ Home brew­ers with a love of detail: Derek Dellinger’s home brew­ing exper­i­ments con­tin­ue with tweaks to yeast selec­tion and water treat­ment.

Stephen Beau­mont lays down the law on the use of ‘Bel­gian’ and ‘Bel­gian-style’ as descrip­tors, and Stan Hierony­mus gen­tly ques­tions his under­ly­ing assump­tion.

→ The Beer Nut’s series of posts on Bris­tol (1 | 2 | 3) have made for good read­ing in the last week. We agree with sev­er­al of the points he makes, espe­cial­ly this one:

Mov­ing from Brew­Dog to Zero Degrees was like step­ping back in time. Even though the chain only dates from 2000 and the Bris­tol branch is four years younger again, it feels like a peri­od piece from a time before bare wood and dis­tressed let­ter­ing, when icon­o­clas­tic British beer meant cav­ernous halls, bare con­crete and steel gantries.

UPDATE: we’ve removed the bit about the atmos­phere at the Great British Beer Fes­ti­val and might try to revis­it lat­er in the week.

17 thoughts on “News, Nuggets & Longreads 23/08/2014”

  1. There have been var­i­ous posts and Tweets about expe­ri­ences of sex­ism or exclu­sion at the Great British Beer Fes­ti­val which add up to a wor­ry­ing mass of evi­dence that it still isn’t an event at which many women feel wel­come.”

    Real­ly. What oth­er evi­dence do you have apart from the two exam­ples you quote. Par­tic­u­lar­ly when you quote a crit­i­cal account of last years GBBF by It Comes in Pints and not her much more pos­i­tive account of this year?

    In the case of the Crafty Beer­ess, her main issue seems to be the lack of keg craft beer at GBBF. She par­tic­u­lar­ly states she has nev­er encoun­tered any sex­ism there and it reads like she had a real­ly good time.

    This isn’t like you.

    1. TM – I’ve removed that bit. We had 10 min­utes to write this post while the guests who are sleep­ing in the office were out of the room and I screwed up.

      No excuse – my bad.

      But we did see enough Tweets &c. that it wor­ried us.

  2. See­ing enough tweets to be uncom­fort­able rates more high­ly than a pouty evi­dence demand. A sad day in beer blog­ging, Tandy. Bet­ter to dis­cuss than defend.

    1. I agree that T-shitrs are hor­ri­ble and frankly have no place at GBBF. How­ev­er let’s not get that out of pro­por­tion. As Rowan says:

      But this was a minor unpleas­ant­ness in an oth­er­wise delight­ful day”

      Pret­ty thin evi­dence to sup­port your pos­tu­la­tion I
      think. From what I’ve been able to pick up the gen­er­al feel­ing about GBBF has been over­whelm­ing­ly pos­i­tive. Might have been bet­ter for you to have been there rather than cast judge­ments from afar.

  3. Alan

    I am defend­ing noth­ing. I mere­ly point­ed out an incon­sis­ten­cy. As for choos­ing to believe that what neg­a­tives that were seen on Twit­ter rates more high­ly than any­thing else, then that’s up to you.

    I didn’t notice the T shirts by the way, but I have already said on one of the blogs men­tioned that sex­ist t shirts have no place at GBBF – or indeed any­where else.

  4. But isn’t it a valid ques­tion? To be fair to you, I didn’t see the orig­i­nal state­ment but I pre­sume B+B do not go about say­ing base­less things. Maybe it’s just that the remain­ing foot­prints in the sand above look so… I don’t know, harsh?

    1. We did, to be fair, screw up the post on Sat­ur­day morn­ing, link­ing to a post we’d intend­ed to ref­er­ence in rela­tion to some­thing else; and think­ing a post from last year that went into fresh cir­cu­la­tion this year was cur­rent com­men­tary. We make mis­takes, being human, but try to fix them as quick­ly and open­ly as pos­si­ble.

      But we don’t think the impres­sion we formed ‘from afar’ was base­less, and we don’t think there’s any­thing wrong with express­ing it.

  5. I pre­sume B+B do not go about say­ing base­less things. ” Ha. And I do.

    I see.

    Actu­al­ly all three blogs (by women) expressed valid points about sex­ism, but over­all the tone of their feel­ings about GBBF were pos­i­tive.

    The T Shirts do irk though as B&B right­ly point out.

    But if that’s not what peo­ple want to hear.….….….….……

    1. TM – I guess those ‘but’ claus­es con­cern us more than they do oth­ers. The curate’s egg…?

      But as we screwed up our first attempt to dis­cuss this, maybe we should let it drop for now.

      1. Yes it is per­haps bet­ter dropped – espe­cial­ly as you seem to have con­clud­ed that a few “buts” com­pris­es a “wor­ry­ing mass of evi­dence”.

        1. To be fair, we did delete that state­ment; admit­ted to hav­ing post­ed in haste; and have since rephrased our con­cern in more con­sid­ered terms.

  6. Ha. And I do.”

    You are the only one who intro­duced that idea. But maybe you’ve just illus­trat­ed the issue.

  7. Alan

    You have the annoy­ing habit of being vex­a­tious in obscure terms. Still, you have a pop if it makes you hap­py. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    It is a fact that the three blogs quot­ed did not have a bad time because of sex­ism. Thank good­ness for that. I for one will con­tin­ue, as I have done all my life, to sup­port women in equal­i­ty issues.

    I won’t say any more on some­one else’s blog, but I can assure you in sup­port­ing women’s rights to feel com­fort­able, I don’t need any lessons from you. I spent umpteen years as a Trade Union leader doing so.

    If you didn’t mean that, try a bit of plain Eng­lish for a change.

    1. You appear to see pops and offence every­where. But I can’t be respon­si­ble for what I can’t con­trol includ­ing your view of life. Just be assured I don’t care as deeply as you have tak­en (again) offense.

      So, you must live your life with­out my guid­ance except to state what was observed and remarked upon plain­ly if suc­cinct­ly is that you have dis­played that you have a com­pet­i­tive or at least defen­sive inter­est in the sub­ject. I must bow out in such a con­text.


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