100 Words: Hype & Prejudice

Illustration: raising a glass to the lips.

I like things. You over-rate things. They are fanboys.

The brewery I like gets well-deserved attention. The brewery you like is all marketing. The brewery they like is all hype.

The beer I like is hoppy. The beer you like is boring. The beer they like is silly, unbalanced hipster nonsense.

I take beer just seriously enough. You take beer too seriously. They are pretentious.

I know a good thing when I see it. You are entitled to your opinions, however absurd. They are fools, admiring the emperor’s new clothes.

Everybody else is wrong.

8 thoughts on “100 Words: Hype & Prejudice”

  1. Seeing people present their opinions as objective fact is one of the things I find amusing about beer blogging though.

    1. Assuming bad faith is another good one: I don’t like this beer, so the brewer must know it’s terrible beer and be trying to foist it off on the easily led. This beer costs more than that beer so the brewer of this beer must be cynically price gouging to pay for a bigger private jet. And so on..

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