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100 WORDS: Yes, That Must Be It

We drank it on the wrong day, in the wrong way, in the wrong place.

We drank it too cool, too warm, too soon, too late. We got a bad bottle, from a bad batch, from a bad source. Our glasses were dirty, our palates fatigued. The moon was full, an east wind was blowing, and there was an R in the month.

We’re prejudiced, stupid, closed-minded, and probably liars, too.

Taste is subjective, anyway, and wouldn’t it be boring if we all liked the same things?

Yes, that must be it — that must be why we didn’t like your beer.

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In all honesty, I agree with that.

I’m off to a beer festival tomorrow and I know I’m not even going to like my own beer. All on gravity, not stillaged long enough, no cooling and the people involved don’t know what they’re doing. (Not a CAMRA fest by the way)

And it’ll be an eastern wind.

Most of us can tell if it was *meant* to be a good beer that’s been ruined in its presentation by the landlord or whoever. Doesn’t mean we have to like it at that moment.

Do you know roughly when your book will be hitting the charity shops for 50p a pop as I would like to buy a copy and put it on my shelf.

You forgot to mention how you failed to cut back buying new clothes and fresh fruit enough to have enough free cash to not to drink the over priced botched experiment without resentment.

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