News, Nuggets & Longreads 06/10/2014

Pub window, night.

Better late than never, here’s the round-up of links we would have posted on Saturday last if we had been able to summon any enthusiasm for using the WordPress app on an iPad over holiday apartment Wi-Fi.

→ Jeff ‘Beervana’ Alworth is now a regular guest blogger at All About Beer and his most recent piece gets to the bottom of how Pabst went about recreating Ballantine IPA without original recipes or spec to work from.

→ When we Tweeted innocently that we didn’t know actually really understand what Zwanze Day is (there’s too much going on in beer to keep on top of, frankly) we were a little surprised to discover how much the event irritated some people. In this post, Chris Hall addresses that tension, and also sets out a case for limited edition beer releases being (a) fun and (b) good value. Interesting comments, too.

→ We were involved in judging the blog category for the North American Guild of Beer Writers awards. The winners were Oliver J. Gray for Literature and Libation, Bryan D. Roth for This Is Why I’m Drunk and Jessica Miller for Hey Brewtiful, all of whom have back catalogues worth exploring.

→ This will be a semi-familiar view to anyone who has ever visited the William IV in Leyton to drink Brodie’s beer: the Baker’s Arms pub (DOUBLE DIAMOND) in this shot is now a branch of the bookmaker Paddy Power. (Via @teninchwheels.)

→ There have apparently been several attempts to produce a Great British Brew Off TV show but, so far, none has made it to air. In the Netherlands, however, competitive celebrity brewing show (and Grolsch advertorial) Brouwersch has just hit the air. Here’s a trailer. (Via @andrewdrinks.)

→ It’s not beer-related but there’s plenty of food for thought for bloggers in this piece reflecting on lessons learned from fifteen years of blogging by veteran Anil Dash:

The most meaningful feedback happens on a very slow timeframe. It’s easy to get distracted in the immediacy of people tweeting replies in realtime, but the reason I write is for those rare times, years later, when I get an email from someone I might only barely know, saying that something I wrote meant something to them.

→ And that’s it for this week. If your insatiable appetite for beer-related reading hasn’t been sated, Stan Hieronymus posts his selections every Monday.