News, Nuggets & Longreads, 11/10/2014

Bloke drinking beer.

Links! Get your beer-related links! Paaaahnd a bowl! Lovely fresh links, perfect in a stew!

→ The Port 66 home-brewing site continues to impress with this very practical advice on achieving clarity by James ‘Kempicus’ Kemp, late of Fuller’s, Thornbridge and Buxton breweries.

→ Lars Marius Garshol argues that judging beer can lead to bad habits when tasting it: “There are foods that smell so intensely they make people vomit. Yet other people love those same foods with a passion. And now you want to tell me the taste of green apples is always bad? Come on.”

→ We always rather enjoy detailed accounts of group beer tasting sessions and this blow-by-blow account is particularly interesting because of the inversion of the usual state of play: it has Belgian drinkers tasting Irish beers.

→ The big debate in the American blogoshire this week (flagged by Stan Hieronymus) has been about ‘local’. If you want to catch-up, you need:

→ In his contribution to that conversation, Craig at Drink Drank does not mince words: ‘big craft’ (e.g. Sierra Nevada) is, he argues, just as ruthless as big beer when it comes to squishing the little feller, but they’ve learned how to do it with more subtlety and guile.

→ Ron Pattinson’s posts this week on lambic beer in the 1930s have given us ideas: why shouldn’t we just cut beer with vinegar and syrup to get the lambic effect..?

→ This Tweet combines two of our favourite subjects: 20th century pub architecture and the spread of ‘craft beer culture’ in the UK.

→ We asked people to nominate pubs or bars that need a copy of Brew Britannia on their bookshelf, and now we’re going to send copies to The Flying Pig, East Dulwich; The Head of Steam, Durham; The Hanging Bat, Edinburgh; Buxton Tap House, Buxton; and the Craft Beer Co., Clapham. If you’re too stingy to buy a copy, pop along to one of those boozers in the next couple of weeks and read their copy over a pint or two.

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