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No News or Nuggets

We’re both on our travels so this is a little scheduled post to break the sad news that there’ll be no round-up of links to go with your breakfast today.

Elsewhere, however, there is Stan Hieronymus’s Monday round-up — particularly spiky this week! — and this long article on third wave coffee, flagged by regular commenter Dave S, is worth a read.

And our fortnightly c.120 word columnette should be in the Guardian Guide today.

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One reply on “No News or Nuggets”

Part of what’s interesting about the third wave coffee article is that it describes one culture who like an affordable everyday drink made to a high standard in a traditional way within fairly tight stylistic limits, and another cultue who are happy paying top dollar for something that’s ostensiably the same drink but produced by self-proclaimed artists and artisans in new, unusual and rediscovered ways to encompass a much wider range of styles and flavours.

Remind you of anyone you know?

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