That Sexist CAMRA Leaflet

Earlier this week, Rowan Molyneux flagged the existence of a Campaign for Real Ale leaflet designed to help recruit young members but which uses women merely as decoration.

We can’t say we were out­raged by it, but we were cer­tain­ly dis­mayed. CAMRA, like it or not, is these days an organ­i­sa­tion of sim­i­lar sta­tus to the Nation­al Trust or the RSPB, and we can’t imag­ine either of them doing any­thing so crass.

The main prob­lem is that it con­firms what many peo­ple sus­pect: that, despite mak­ing some of the right nois­es, behind the scenes, CAMRA isn’t ful­ly com­mit­ted to the idea of mak­ing the Cam­paign more wel­com­ing to women, or at least hasn’t giv­en it much more thought than you might expect from Alan Par­tridge or David Brent.

If you can’t see why the image on the leaflet is prob­lem­at­ic, try to imag­ine them ever using an image of a bloke in an equiv­a­lent cos­tume, in a sim­i­lar pose.

We’ve turned off com­ments on this post to encour­age peo­ple to have their say over at Rowan’s, where an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion is ongo­ing, and where there are updates on the with­draw­al of the leaflet.